VEPP Racing

2018 season is over, Gergő Molnár, VEPP Racing driver finished a successful year.
He raced 10 out of the 12 race of the Alpok-Adria International Speed Bike Championship. He finished 1st 7 out of those 10 races and finished 2nd on two races. With these spectacular results and the two races that he did not run, he was overall 2nd in the SSP category. One of these championship races was at Pannónia Ring, Hungary and he set the best lap time in SSP with 1:56.948. In the race at Rijeka, Criatia, on the tarmac of Grobniki he ran the best circuit time in the 600 category with a stunning 1:28.784 lap time.
He ran 3 races in the Hungarian Championship with 3 wins. At Hungaroring he ran the best lap time of 1:52.762.
At the WSBK race in Brno as a wild card rider he had the opportunity to race professional SSP champions. As a new rider in the warm up he ran an 18th lap time of 2.05.748 out of the 31 riders. He could not finish the race because of technical problems of the suspension. It was still a great debut in the World Champinship. Geri only started amateur racing in 2015.
We would like to thank all the help and support in the season of 2018 to:
Gábor Molnár (General Manager of Mould Tech Kft), the team of Vepp Racing (Máté Hus, Máté Horváth, György Sövegjátó, Laura Sövegjártó, Fati, Csocsi, Kornél Bóbics)
János Végh and Krisztián Nagy
András Németh, Phoenix,
Szabolcs Turi, motoflywear
Zoltán Fincza, gumiszervíz Zalaegerszeg-Andráshida
Béla Horváth and Zsuzsa, Hb-alu vasker
István Szancsó Szanati
, CNC Zala Kft.
Gyula Pers, Göcsej-Metal kft.
Federal Hungary Security Kft.
Pannónia Ring
Michael Fiala
Gréti Szabó
Gábor Betlehem and Ibolya
Csaba Kulcsár
Arni Balogh
– Éva Szigeti
Sal (Dunlop)
Rezső Bulcsu

Last, but not least thanks to all friends, relatives who supported and cheered to Gergő and to Geri Racing Motorsport